Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP

Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP

By Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP
Tanya L. Burns and Associates, Inc.

Article submitted by Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP, to share a health insurance update. If you’d like to submit an article, email Kelly Sawyer at cflmgma@gmail.com.

Since we receive lots of requests to compare HSAs (Health Savings Accounts), FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HRAs (Health Reimbursement Accounts), the attached SIMPLE Chart provided by HSA Bank is extremely concise and helpful in providing answers to many of the frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need further information.

We are also asked to provide an “update” on the American Healthcare Act (AHCA). It has been approved by The House and sent to The Senate for review and modification. We have been advised The Senate plans to make major revisions. It could be late June or early July before the AHCA moves back to The House for reconciliation. We will continue to follow the process and keep you informed when there is “concrete” information to be shared. We will be attending webinars and seminars on the status of this long process. For now, it is “business as usual” with no changes.

Click here to download the SIMPLE Chart PDF.