Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP

Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP

By Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP
Tanya L. Burns and Associates, Inc.

Article submitted by Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP, to share a health insurance update. If you’d like to submit an article, email Kelly Sawyer at cflmgma@gmail.com.

MEDICARE ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT began October 15 and runs thru December 7. This year, AARP is offering a 3rd RX Option for Medicare Beneficiaries in Florida. It is the Walgreens PDP. The Base Monthly Cost is $22.50 and includes a 5 Tier Copay Level. No other Major Changes to Medicare Supplement Plans although United Healthcare is discontinuing plans in the Polk County area effective January 1, 2017.

ACA ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT begins November 1 thru January 31, 2017. As of this writing, we have been advised that Humana and United Healthcare will no longer be offering Individual Health Insurance policies in Central Florida. Aetna and CIGNA have not yet provided information regarding how/if they will be offering Individual Health Insurance for January 1, 2017 effective dates. We are expecting information later this month and hope to be able to provide information in the November article. What we do know is there will be Very Few Insurance Carriers offering ANY Individual policies on the Marketplace (healthcare.gov). We have been suggesting to our Physician Clients that rather than waiting until the end of the year “rush” when their patients may receive letters of non-renewal – they take a proactive approach and perhaps post information in their waiting room to give their patients a “heads up”. Blue Cross shared with me recently that there are 3.5 MILLION people in Florida who will need to reenroll in their Individual Health Insurance and they are very concerned about having enough staff to handle this “massive enrollment”. Florida is not alone. Many states have gone to a “One Carrier System” – with No Competition or Choice. Stay Tuned for more updates to come.

THE EMPLOYER GROUP MARKET has seen some carriers (Blue Cross, Aetna & United Healthcare) extending renewal rates for clients renewing from October 1, 2016 forward for as long as 15 months. This is primarily in the Small Group Marketplace (under 50 Employees). Those employers should check with their broker to see if they qualify for this rate extension. The rate extension ONLY applies if the employer is renewing their current benefits “as is” with No Changes. The renewals for these employers will be changed to January 1, 2018.